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Chinese Poker Rules | How to Play Chinese Poker - Poker Junkie Apr 7, 2010 ... Learn the official Chinese Poker rules right here! ... With this scoring system if a player wins two out of three hands against an opponent he ... In Open Face Chinese Poker you are still making three separate poker hand (Front, ... Four Mistakes You Are Making In Pineapple Open Face Chinese ... Aug 22, 2015 ... According to my score on the rating system (that I helped create), the answer is: not every time. ... Four Mistakes You Are Making In Pineapple Open Face Chinese .... tactics, news and information on Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker. ... tournament poker results, poker rules, poker strategy articles, poker ... Open-Face Chinese Poker Game Rules - Poker Dictionary Feb 10, 2014 ... The scoring system in Open-face Chinese poker is very simple. Your aim is to win the round by having the best hands in every row; you earn a ...

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OPEN FACE CHINESE POKER RULES AND SCORING Open Face Chinese Poker is a variant of 'regular' Chinese Poker. In regular Chinese Poker, each player is dealt 13 cards 'in the hole'. They then set the cards in three rows of poker hands. Learn How to Play Open-Face Chinese Poker | PokerNews

Scoring in Open Face Chinese. The player is awarded one point for each showdown won, and three bonus points for scooping for a total of six points. When a player has fouled their hand, it counts as an automatic scoop and is worth six points. If both players have fouled their hand, the …

Poker Calculator | MrQpoker - Open Face Chinese Poker OFC Poker Score Calculator helps you calculate and hold track of your Open Face Chinese Poker games. Key Features. • Handle score for up to six players. • Calculate score for each round and each player. • Calculate bonus for each round and each player. • Hold track of total points in scrollable table. • Save up to 10 games. How to Play Chinese Poker | Rules + Step by Step Guide In OFC (Open Face Chinese) players take turns drawing cards from a single deck, trying to make the best possible poker hand, while your opponent does the same. The game is played with a point system where each point is worth some agreed upon value. On Gambit, the … Discover OFC Poker: Open Face Chinese Pineapple Online Poker Invented sometime around 2011, Open-face Chinese poker (OFC) is a turn-based card game, which has become increasingly popular in the poker community. Even though its rules vastly differ from other variants of Poker, OFC definitely has found its fanbase, especially among high-stakes gamblers. In this game mixing luck and skill, no bets are involved.

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The well-known player Tony G (Antanas Guoga) has established the TonyBet Poker site where you can play Open Face Chinese Poker online for real money. Open Face Chinese Poker and Pineapple OFCP can be played online at flopturnriver, either between 2-4 live players or as a 2-player (heads up) game against a bot. How to Play CHINESE POKER - Rules, Scoring, How to Keep ...

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How to Play Open Face Chinese: Instructions. A variation of Chinese Poker called Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) has been spreading wildly across the world. room Tonybet Poker is the first site to offer it online. In OFC the basic gameplay is as follows: Each player is dealt five cards initially. Chinese Poker Game Rules - How to Play Chinese Poker Chinese Poker uses a 13 card hand which is arranged into three smaller hands: 2 hands of five cards and 1 hand of three cards. This game spawned the more popular Open Face Chinese Poker, which is an open card poker game after the first five cards have been dealt. THE DEAL. Prior to starting the game, players must agree on the stakes.